Mango Wood/Fruit Wood

Mango Wood/Fruit Wood

Mango Wood is an extremely beautiful hardwood. and having been used as a sustainable resource for furniture throughout Southeast Asia for decades, is becoming very popular in the West, especially due to it’s far greater sustainability over other popular hardwoods such as oak or teak. Mango Wood is so sustainable due to it’s primary use as a fruit tree. Here at Mango Furniture India you will find a great selection of beautiful Mango Wood Furniture.

Our range of mango wood furniture's are the rustic furniture's at it's most beautiful. Made predominately from mango wood, these furniture's are traditionally hand finished with a natural to give a warm patina that will be enhanced with time and use.

Mango wood furniture is any piece of furniture made from the wood that comes from mango trees. The appearance of this wood can change, with some varieties producing a light brown color and others producing a deeper brown. Some varieties will even feature a mix of the two shades for an especially beautiful piece of mango wood furniture. This hardwood is durable and easier than some other hardwoods to work with, making it an increasingly popular choice among furniture makers. It is a sustainable wood, which means it is more environmentally friendly than other hardwoods.

Mango wood can be harvested more quickly than some other hardwoods, which can take decades to grow to a harvesting point. Mango wood can be harvested and used for mango wood furniture much more quickly as long as the tree is healthy and free of fungus. In most cases, the tree will not be harvested until it stops giving fruit, as the mango fruit is a valuable export for many countries. When it is harvested, the wood will usually cost less than other hardwoods because it is easier to grow and harvest, not to mention replace with new trees.

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