Mother of Pearl Inlay

Mother of Pearl Inlay

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a craftsman created a design masterpiece!

At Ace Craftique we would go beyond calling it a masterpiece, there probably isn’t even a word for how beautifully stunning this masterpiece of craftsmanship is. On that note, may we introduce to you our Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture Collection?

Each piece of this stunningly unique collection of furniture has been hand-crafted, over many weeks, in India; this is perhaps what makes them so special. As each piece is handcrafted, each piece is unique. The striking detailing on the items in this collection is truly magnificent. The mother of pearl itself has been intricately inlayed into the wooden frame in order to create the beautiful detailing which appears on the furniture. Each piece of furniture is then finished with a Ace Craftique crystal drawer knobs.

The Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture Collection is one of Ace Craftique best selling collections. This beautiful collection can really add that special something to any room in your home.  Our Grey & Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Table’s are the perfect addition to any beautiful bedspread and will put a smile on your face every morning when you wake up. Alternatively the Grey & Mother of Pearl Inlay Mirror would make a perfect centrepiece in any room of your home; hang it above your fireplace, place it in your reception room or decorate and brighten up your bathroom with it.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, we promised you a masterpiece and that is exactly what we have delivered. Add beauty to any bedroom, a centrepiece to any living space or light and magic to any small home space with the help of Ace Craftique Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture Collection!

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