Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

At Ace Craftique, we have an extensive range of high quality solid hardwood bedside tables. The choice we offer is vast; from bedside tables with doors, with drawers, with doors and drawers, or ones with just shelves – the choice is by far from limited!. All our bedside tables form part of larger ranges, so if you like what you see, you can follow the style throughout the rest of your home. Don't forget that delivery is absolutely free!

Purpose of the Bedside Table

Today, no bedroom is truly complete without at least one bedside table. Used on a daily basis, this staple piece of bedroom furniture is required to be robust and durable. However, in addition to being responsive to daily wear-and-tear, modern bedside tables have transcended this basic functional role to become important contributors to the ambience and style of a room. Solid hardwood bedside tables have always been highly sought after due to the timeless beauty and character of the natural wood, as well as its inherent durability and robustness.

History of the Bedside Table

It is difficult to pinpoint when this modest yet indispensable piece of furniture first came into use. Alternatively called a ‘nightstand’ or ‘night table’ it typically contained drawers and its purpose was to provide a place to put things which might be required during the night. In the days before electricity, it was convenient to have the table as close to the bed as possible to avoid the need to use a candle. Of course even in the modern world with electric lamps, it’s still a very convenient location!

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