A bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture, and unlike coffee tables which are commonly found in the living room or wardrobes that are generally considered a vital piece of bedroom furniture, bookcases are adaptable to many rooms and spaces.

The designs of bookcases can vary significantly from tall solid pieces of solid furniture to lower sheesham or mango display units. We have a wide selection of bookcases, which means that you're sure to find something to suit your style, no matter what your preferences.

The bookcase is a piece of furniture that for many years has simply been used to hold books yet it is much more versatile than its name would first suggest. With over 130 million unique book titles in the world, let alone the total number of all these books, it is an also an understated piece of furniture which can be simple in its design, by having just a few plain shelves, or ornate with delicate detailing.

Flexibility of the Bookcase

While the name suggests that it's sole use is for storing books, modern bookcases are an adaptable piece of furniture and can be used as a display cabinet for a wide range of items including CDs and DVDs, ornaments, photos and other personal trinkets. Many of our solid sheesham & mango wood bookcases have adjustable shelves for greater flexibility.

Bookshelves can easily be constructed into a wide range of different configurations, from the tallest going from floor to almost the ceiling to low bookcases which are more versitile around the home. There are designs which encompass drawers, such as our Indian rustic bookcases, and a range of widths to suit your room. A lower bookcase, from our Baku & Mantis collection, could be useful for a smaller home office or perhaps a children’s bedroom while a slimmer version can make a great alternative to a sideboard.

Bookcase Usage

A bookcase can be a fantastic addition to any room in your home and has many advantages over wall mounted shelves. For example, if you want to redecorate then there is no need to start dismantling your rooms, simply move the bookcase into another room. Also, if just want to rearrange a room, there’s no need to fill unsightly holes where your wall mounted shelves were and drill more elsewhere. What about if you’re moving house? It’s a simple case of putting the bookcase in the removal van.

Our Collection of Wooden Bookcases offer a great solution for those looking for a set of great looking wood bookcases that offer good cost effective and practically in terms of being properly pre-constructed, plus easy to fit into the room. All our Sheesham, mango wooden bookcases are standalone bookcase. Our Mango freestanding bookcases are both highly desirable and durable. Plus rather than having to dismantle the shelving units which isn’t always as easy as it seems, with standalone bookcases you can simply move them as a complete unit Our collection of wooden bookcases can offer a solution for those looking for cost effective, ready assembled and practical storage.

Crafting a Bookcase

All of our bookcases are hand crafted from the finest solid hardwood throughout and feature dovetail joints and high quality metal fittings ensuring that they are extremely sturdy and will last a lifetime.

We stock a huge array of styles and sizes of bookcase, meaning that you will be able to find a bookcase for any room, along with matching furniture that will make a house a home.

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