Console Table/Dressing/Desk

Console Table/Dressing/Desk

Dressing tables are something that often gets left out of the modern bedroom. This is a big mistake as dressing tables are very useful items of furniture, especially when teamed with a dressing table stool and mirror. Dressing tables originally became popular in France in the eighteenth Century. The dressing table, mirror and vanity accessories were collectively known as the 'toilette'. This name derived from 'toile' which was the cloth draped over a lady or gentleman's shoulders while their hair was being dressed, and also the cloth which covered the dressing table itself. The writing table is a much more traditional style of table which was used solely for the purpose of writing. As the use of quills, and then typewriters, died out the computer took over as the main tool for writing and the idea of a writing desk went with it. A typical writing desk came without any pedestal cabinets but with the prevision of some drawers within the top of the table and possibly somewhere on top for a set of pens or quills and a pot of ink. The drawers were used for holding writing paper and other stationary while now they tend to house memory cards, cds or even wireless keywords and mice.

Whether you are looking for a computer desk/console table/writing table for your home or your office, you will not find a better selection of mango, sheesham wood home computer desks than here at Online Indian Furniture Store.

As part of our wide range of Ace Craftique including dressers, Indian side tables, coffee tables and other pieces of living room and bedroom furniture, we are pleased to be able to offer a broad selection of home computer desks.

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