TV / DVD / Hi-Fi Cabinets

TV / DVD / Hi-Fi Cabinets

No-one likes the inevitable tangle of electrical wires and cables that come with owning a television. By investing in a solid hardwood Hi-Fi, DVD or TV cabinet, you not only give your electrical goods pride of place, you gain a valuable storage solution with bespoke holes to route the cables.

Whether you are happy to admit it or not, the television can play a very important part in our living rooms. It can be the main activity of the room making it one of the most significant pieces of equiptment in the house. Your TV can easily change the character of a room whether it’s the size or the finish in gloss black or perhaps a polished silver base and surround. Some TVs will play a discrete role with in the room, others may take up the best part of a wall. Our mango & sheesham TV units come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, so if you're looking for a more rustic or country style TV cabinet or a more modern entertainment stand then Online Indian Furniture Store has a range to suit all tastes and styles of homes. Our entire collection of solid acacia, mahogany, mango & sheesham television units are built using the best quality hardwoods.

For a contemporary styled living room you may want to favour the clean lines and angles of our Bevel Mango & sheesham TV unit. Whereas for more traditional or cottage styled properties then why not take a look at our Rustic furniture ranges. All our solid wooden television cabinets can be purchased either on their own or bought as part of the matching collection. All our furniture is made of solid wood so if you want to place your piece in the centre of the room you can as all our furniture is properly finished front and back. Our TV cabinets are not only a great way to display your TV but they will also help to tidy and organise all your plugs, cables and entertainment equipment. Now there is no need to have unsightly cables and there is plenty of space to house your Blu-ray & DVD player, video recorder, satellite box, games consoles and music station. In fact you could say that they are an all round entertainment centre. As well as standard TV units, we have corner cabinets with plenty of storage and open TV stands.

Corner TV Units

If your room is small or awkward in shape then a Corner TV Unit can be a brilliant way to utilise the space in your room. Corner cabinets can be a great way to create a less obtrusive way to present your TV whilst also carefully concealing any cables and plugs from view

Widescreen TV Units

For a large TV our widescreen television cabinet is an excellent choice. Our solid wood units are wide enough to accommodate any big TV and provide huge amounts of storage for the most technology driven households. Our Mantis & Baku Range has a solid wood widescreen cabinet with plenty of storage underneath for satellite boxes, games consoles, DVD players, Hi-Fi’s, docking stations and much more.

Media Storage Units

Whether you are looking for additional storage space, something more compact or just some versatility then a media storage unit could be ideal for you. With additional space for speakers & music systems our media cabinets can prove to be a great solution for your home. Some media storage cabinets, such as the ones from our Fresco Solid wood or Rivermead Solid wood ranges, even have drawers included for CD or DVD storage.

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