Wine Racks

Wine Racks

Don't keep those precious bottles of wine standing in a cupboard. Make sure the corks are kept moist and the flavours full by storing them in a wine rack!

By owning one of our wooden wine racks, not only will you be keeping your wine in excellent condition, you'll have a beautiful piece of furniture to boot.

Each wine rack forms part of an exclusive furniture range, which means there are matching items available - so you can maintain a continuity of style throughout your home!

Design and Styles of Wine Racks

At Online Indian Furniture Store we have a wide selection of wine racks including sheesham, mango wine racks - together with a vast choice of matching furniture.

These days, wine racks come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. But one thing they all have in common is that the bottles are usually stored on their side or angled downwards so that the corks are kept moist. Although the increasing use of synthetic corks, plastic stoppers and screw tops mean that it is no longer essential to store wine like this, it still remains the preferred method of storage. This is mainly for aesthetic reasons but also because a horizontal wine rack can store numerous bottles of wine with the labels clearly displayed.

We only sell freestanding wine racks which are designed to be an attractive as well as practical piece of furniture. We offer two main classic designs: the wine rack and the wine cabinet. The wine rack typically has a drawer at the top of the unit which is ideal for storing any corkscrews, bottle stops or wine glass charms. Our wine cabinets have a lattice wine rack next to a spacious cupboard suitable for storing glassware, spirits and liquors. 

History of the Wine Rack

Originally, French winemakers were opposed to using cork stoppers and preferred to use rags soaked in oil. However, due to its practicality the cork slowly but surely became the universal way to seal bottles. The only condition was that the bottle must be stored on its side so that the cork would be kept moist. This prevented it from shrinking and letting air in to the bottles which would spoil the wine.

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