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Modern Wooden Tray

It would make a great addition to your coffee table or ottoman, especially because it’s substantial in weight! Get this Modern Wooden Tray today before they’re gone!”


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When serving drinks at your next party, why not do it in style? With this Modern Wooden Tray for Coffee Table. Not only are they an elegant and sophisticated way of transporting cold beverages from room to mouth but these trays also function as drink holders when set down on any surface!

The floral design makes use intricate workmanship found in various cultures around world such us Indian craftsman’s skills who create these trays out off intricately carved wood which can hold up quite well against wear & tear.

The colour scheme makes everything stand out nicely–and if we’re talking style points…the Moorish design with bright accents really shines! Get yours today because once these sell outs.- This modern tray is perfect for your next party. The high sides and large size will keep drinks secure, while its durable mango wood base means it’ll last longer than other trays out there!

The Modern Wooden Trays by evoke memories both old-fashioned yet still stylish; between classic shape. They nonetheless provide something different each time you host one ahead Of course. This tray is made with high-quality materials and will last for years.

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