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Vanity Mirrors For Bathroom

Vanity Mirrors For Bathroom is the neccesity of every home. Buy a beautiful mirror like this to upgrade your bathroom decor. This mirror has a beautiful design carved on it by Indian Artisans and a sturdy wooden base for long haul.


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This Round Bathroom Mirrors is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any room. The simple and sleek design will elevate any decor theme. The round shape will make your space appear larger. There are so many things to like in this Round Bathroom Mirror like:

  • For instance, the beautiful monochrome pattern of black and white creates a bewitching look. The camel bone inlay includes delicate work and patience to perform.
  • And, the amazing result of being a beautiful mirror comes from the handing down of generation old techniques. All this hardwork showcases the skills of Indian artisans. So, bring this beautiful and unique mirror home to reflect your style.

The camel bone inlay is from a natural and reliable source. Whole of this piece is eco friendly and sustainable. The wooden frame of this mirror is solid and sturdy. It takes at least a week to complete this mirror by the hands of our artisans. So, this creates an antique vibe around it. Whether you place it in your entryway or living room, this Round Mirror is sure to make a statement. So, order this mirror today! Scroll, for more products like this on our website. Happy Shopping!

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