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Vanity Tray

This Vanity tray is the perfect way to add a touch of class and sophistication in your home. The intricate design will catch anyone’s attention, while an amazing gift for yourself or loved one! Create speciality gifts by adding items such as teas, cocoa butter products (like massage lotion), aromatherapy essential oils – you’ll be able make any basket imaginable with these bones!


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This beautifully handcrafted vanity tray is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and style in your bathroom. Made from quality materials, this versatile piece can be used how you choose – whether it’s for holding cosmetics or bottles during parties. Storing perfume next time guests come over (or just keeping them close at home).

Providing extra storage space. On either side by stacking dishes up high enough so they don’t get wet when its time reciprocate between kitchen countertops!

  • This Vanity Tray is a perfect touch of aesthetic class.
  • It would make an excellent addition to your bathroom countertop. And can be used in several different areas throughout the home!
  • The handmade design will become an important part of it. Enhancing its beauty throughout all seasons that can’t be found anywhere else!

This stylish and beautiful Vanity tray will become the dominant decoration in your home, which underlines style with elegance. A gift for you or someone else can make any room more beautiful. Since it has an appealing look that is both modern yet timeless at once!

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Dimensions49 × 39 × 5 cm
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Blue, Green, Grey, Light Blue

By Material

Bone Inlay

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Bed Room

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