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Wooden Round Tray

Wooden round trays are a great way to bring style and beauty into your home. The circular shape makes this particular item stand out, while its decorative bone inlay adds even more flair! You’ll be able keep any food or drinks from spilling with long side walls that prevent accidents at the table! So go ahead: buy one today!”


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.The wooden tray is a perfect symbol of perfection. The raised borders around the circumference spark an attention-grabbing fashion that will have people wondering how you managed to get such fashionable pieces in your hands!

Step into a world of fascination with this handmade wonder. Wooden Round Tray Crafted in the design of floral motifs and neat bone inlaid patterns. It’s meant to be perfection itself. But you can’t take your eyes off its raised borders around circumference! The stylish pattern will spark curiosity from guests as they try not just one taste-you’re cooking up some magic here people.

The craftsmanship and design of this tray are truly something special.

The tray has been crafted out sturdy wood that with stands time well. Each detail was handcrafted by skilled artisans using only top grade material for lasting quality.

The detailed floral patterning with neat bone inlay patterns give it an edge that will make your guests take notice. But not before they see how perfect everything about these trays has been crafted!

Whether you want to use them as serving pieces or display mechanisms for other items like jewellery. No matter what the purpose may be; there’s always room on one (or more!) of our round wood tray.

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Dimensions45 × 45 × 5 cm
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Black, White

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Bone Inlay

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