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Versatile aims to offer quality, well made and beautiful pieces. We aim to provide a high level of customer service with our returns policy. We aim to secure your items with sufficient protective packaging and delivered with a reputable courier to arrive in perfect condition. We encourage you to inspect your order for damages to packaging in the presence of the driver prior to signing for receipt of your order.

** Customer must be inform about damages within 2 weeks maximum time period, in any case he/she fail to inform then Versatile is not liable for any replacement and claim.

Return policy is applicable when:

  • If you get goods in damage condition.
  • If you get goods in damage condition then customer must to do:

Before accepting the delivery of your goods from courier/shipping Company please check your goods that they are reached there in good condition without any damage. If you found any damages on the carton then before doing the signature on receipt open the packing In front of courier person and check it, if product is ok then signature on receipt and take delivery and if found any damage then you must to do:

  1. Refuse to accept delivery. It is best option for you, if you found damage (it is depend also on you that if it is small scratch or any small damage and you have no any problem on that then you can accept the delivery) on goods then simply refuse the delivery and update to us quickly. We will contact to air freight courier/shipping Company for claim process. In that condition you do not need to do anything just update us that you seen damage and refuse the delivery. We will send to you new.
  1. If you accept delivery. If any reason you are unable to open parcel in front of courier person and you accept delivery and after you open the parcel and found damages then you must to call first to Courier Company and update that you receive damage goods and also update us immediately. In that that condition you have to do some exercises.

You have to take all five sides images of the products which show full i.e. Front, Back, Side First, Side Second & Top, and close view of damages shown images. After taking these images you have to send us through email immediately which we require to forward insurance company. We will update to insurance company of these damage images and file the insurance claim they will also contact to you for survey of damage product and prepare report on damage and according to this insurance company settle the claim with us. So you must to coordinate for the same. This claim process will go through two options:

(I) If damage is small and it is repairable then you can get repair it (require material for repairing will send by us) and send us repair invoice bill which we will update to insurance company and after getting approved from insurance company on repairing cost amount we will revert to you repairing cost for the same.

(II) If damage is bigger and not possible to repair then update us for the same and as mention above send all sides images. We will forward it to insurance company and insurance company ask to us that contact to customer and ask them if it is possible to repair and they will also contact to you for the same. That time you will update to us and insurance company too that possible or not possible to repair it. After getting information from you that it is not possible to repair then we will update same to insurance company. In that condition insurance company want destroy this damage dresser completely and update images for the same, so in that condition you have to destroy completely this damage dresser and send us these destroy images which show that this product can not be used and we will forward these images to insurance company. After collecting all details by insurance company from you and us they accepts the claim. Duly accept the claim it would be accord you new order.

(III) Rather than above, we also welcome to solve any matter at mutual level.

** This is special note for Mirror Items. Insurance company is not accept claim for Mirror. If you give order like Mirror Frame and during shipping period got damage of your mirror frame then insurance company will accept claim and in any case only your mirror of Mirror frame is breakage then insurance company will not accept your claim. As we do insurance of every order. As per insurance company norms they will not accept claim for Mirror breakages.

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